your own SSP for programmatic sales
gain access to a wide range of tools and features designed to optimize the sales of your outdoor advertising

CS Context - your own SSP for selling inventory in outdoor advertising. With CS Context, you gain access to a wide range of tools and features designed to optimize the sales of your outdoor advertising. They ensure seamless operation, allowing you to maximize revenue through an efficient and intuitive interface. Take advantage of CS Context and unlock the full potential of selling outdoor advertising.

Sell through programmatic

Flexible guaranteed deals

This type of deal is a convenient way for large customers who have decided to buy exits based on audience data to make flexible purchases.

Auction deals

Auction deals allow you to sell remaining airtime to DSP platforms or stimulate competition in case of an excess of customers.

Sales by OTS or by commercial repetitions: what’s the difference?

No matter what they say, what is always sold is the airing of an advertisement. However, the methods of evaluating the cost of such an exit can be different.

Duration-based evaluation - a traditional method of evaluation.

OTS-based evaluation - a new way of calculating the cost of display based on some data source. For example, real-time MAC address data collected by Wi-Fi sniffers or AI counting faces and/or human silhouettes.

SSP City Screen Context allows you to use both methods of evaluating the cost of placing advertising campaigns to satisfy the needs of your customers always.


If you do not want a particular client to be placed on your inventory through programmatic, this can be done at the moderation stage.

Moderation is an effective tool for your control over the content on your inventory.

Quick launch on the air

A convenient and structured interface allows you to:

  • check inventory availability;
  • evaluate the profitability of a proposal;
  • check creatives for compliance with legal, political, and technical requirements;
  • transfer creatives and exit settings to the content management system (happens automatically, without the involvement of a content manager).

Self-service for advertisers

Some customers do not pay that much, and the sales manager’s work on such customers barely pays off. This problem can be solved by creating your own DSP under your brand. We can help with this by providing the necessary products and technologies.

Billing and sales accounting

The system records programmatic deals so that you can find out at any time:

  • which agency/DSP or client brought you the most profit;
  • what the demand for your inventory is;
  • how much money you will actually receive from auction sales;
  • which campaigns with guaranteed impressions or OTS are booked, and which are under consideration.

Programmatic without intermediaries

We are a technology provider; we do not sell your inventory and do not place clients on your site. Agencies and Advertisers in their DSPs do this. Using SSP CS Context, you always have the opportunity to do business directly with each important Agency for you.

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