CS Play is designed to manage content in digital outdoor advertising.
Modern management of broadcasting in digital outdoor advertising networks

Key features of CS Play

Custom LED screen proportions are no longer a headache

LED screens have a multitude of non-standard resolutions, which makes servicing networks of such screens labor-intensive, requiring settings for each group of resolutions and proportions to be specified for the same media content over and over again.

With CS Play, you can forget about this problem. It is enough to associate the content with the corresponding resolution or proportion in the advertising settings just once.

Manage ads, not playlists

Managing a network of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of screens using playlists requires significant time to create each playlist. The more screens and more frequent content updates, the more errors occur.

CS Play allows you to manage content with flexible rules, and the system itself composes playlists using heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms.

Integration with corporate information environment

A modern organization may simultaneously use various specialized software programs. Information exchange between these products is extremely important for the productivity of different departments.

Thanks to a modern API, CITY SCREEN can be integrated with management accounting solutions such as IBM Maximo, SAP, 1C, and others. Moreover, it can even be integrated with bots in popular messengers or social networks, such as Telegram, Facebook, VK.

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Playlists and schedules

In manual mode, schedules are assigned to each screen, which in turn consist of playlists.

Schedules can be cyclical, with playlist schedules repeated weekly or daily, or calendar-based, when playlists start and end according to a specified date and time.

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Geofencing for transport advertising

Advertising operators on transport need to manage advertising campaigns on dozens of surfaces that are constantly in different areas of the city.

CITY SCREEN players support GPS/GLONASS sensors on most operating systems and devices, and with geofencing capabilities, managing such advertising is no problem.

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Trigger-based content playback

Some types of content need to be displayed only when a specific event occurs, for example, a store customer purchased promotional products, the speed of cars on the road dropped to 5 km/h or a traffic jam formed, it started raining, or bright sun was shining, stock market shares started to rise sharply or, on the contrary, to fall.

Use external data sources to send trigger events and fine-tune content display on players.

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Content "omnivorousness"

There are many video and audio content formats in the world, but not every player will play every format. Checking and adjusting formats for consistency is time-consuming.

Simply upload the file and the system will take care of the rest. In addition, our players support websites and programmable ads using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

Ad display confirmation and automatic photo reports

Digital screen advertising is not static but displayed together with other advertisers, and the client has no simple way to personally make sure that their ads are actually displayed as they intended.

With the CS Play API, you can set up the transmission of information with ad display confirmation to any of your clients with your permission.

Online broadcast reference

You can create a secret link and share it with your client. Using this link, the client will be able to observe with a few minutes delay where and on which screens their advertising is being displayed. This greatly increases trust in placements in large networks if the client has no simple way to check all the screens and make sure you are not deceiving them.

Automatic photo reports from surveillance cameras

CS Play has a special module - CamGrabber, which allows you to obtain stop-frames from external surveillance cameras monitoring the screen, covering up to 100% of all advertising outputs. CS Play can associate these stop-frames with displays, and you can then pass them on to your advertisers along with the broadcast reference.

Advertising sales through "Programmatic"

Programmatic is a set of methods for purchasing advertising using automated systems (robots) and algorithms for decision-making on the deal without human involvement (buyer) based on data about the structure’s audience, available both to the operator and the advertiser.

CS Play is fully compatible with programmatic sales.

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Send the free remainder to programmatic

If you periodically have short gaps of unsold time, these slots can be sent to programmatic auctions. This is done in a fully automated mode and does not require human attention.

Allocate slots for auction sales

If you need to reserve a certain share of airtime for programmatic, this can be done with the help of programmatic advertising campaigns.

Split screen into frames

Large screens with good resolution can be divided into separate independent frames, each displaying its own content. This approach gives you at least two advantages.

Increase profits from one screen

By splitting the screen into different frames, you can display multiple advertisements simultaneously compared to the same screen not split into frames.

For example, in addition to the main frame, having a full-screen size, you can add a scrolling text line.

Increased attention to the screen

To improve the quality of contact with advertising content, you can place non-commercial information in some frames that is useful for viewers at the location of the screen. This could be a clock, scrolling news line, public transport arrival schedule, weather, road conditions, etc.

Reliability and Security

At CITY SCREEN, we understand how important it is for the network of screens to work reliably and stably all the time, 24/7/365. And we know that in large organizations, setbacks happen from time to time, which is why it is essential to clearly delineate user rights and be able to find out what went wrong at any moment to take measures to improve the situation in the future.

Freedom of equipment choice

City Screen is a software solution. We do not manufacture hardware players and support a wide range of devices available on the market. We strive to give our clients the freedom of choice: buy the equipment you like, and we will take care of the compatibility.

Synchronous LED controllers

The CS Play player is installed on a computer connected to any LED controller, and our job is to allow you to choose a computer and operating system.

Windows, Android, and Ubuntu/Debian Linux

Our players work on Windows, Android, Ubuntu/Debian Linux, and even on Raspberry Pi3/4. And on Samsung Tizen.

Cloud service or own servers?

CITY SCREEN is a modern, convenient, and accessible cloud service for managing advertising networks. Using the cloud allows you to significantly save on your own infrastructure. However, there is the possibility of self-installation on the operator’s own advertising surface servers.

Cloud service
  • Save on the maintenance of your own equipment and operating specialists;
  • No capital investment in deploying expensive proprietary server infrastructure with redundancy and fault tolerance.
Your own servers
  • No dependence on third parties, relying on your own strengths;
  • Relatively high capital investments at the initial stage are a reasonable price for complete independence.

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