City Screen in APAC

For inventory owners

City Screen products increase efficiency and open access to new ways of selling your inventory.

Leading solution in the market

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Professional OOH tool
  • Our solution was originally developed for outdoor advertising.
  • No restrictions on how you sell or how you will own the tool.
  • A set of modern tools to make it convenient for you to work and sell in the 21st century.
Popular and trustworthy solution
  • The largest independent SSP in Russia.
  • Over 100 street advertising inventory operators in 6 countries.

Automation and simplicity

feature automation
Simple and convenient interface
You can learn to place campaigns in half an hour.
Ad campaign placement in a minute
Select an address program, set the frequency of exits, and upload content.
Automatic playlist creation
You set the settings - the rest is done by a heuristic media plan planner.

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Reducing capital and operational costs

feature saving money
Support for inexpensive but powerful equipment
Industrial or household Android players, Windows or Linux computers, Raspberry Pi or Samsung Tizen.
Managing thousands of screens is as simple as one
We strive to support a wide range of equipment that can be controlled from a single interface. Thanks to smart automation, one person will be able to cope with a huge network.

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Modern approach to sales

feature extra income
Specialized CRM for DOOH
Keeping track of digital inventory sales in a regular CRM or, even worse, in spreadsheets like Excel is very inconvenient. To solve this problem, we have developed an industrial CRM for OOH inventory owners.
Keeping track of print and digital inventory sales in one place
To make it convenient for your colleagues to work, we
API for setting up data exchange with agencies
Regular selection and sending of available slots to agencies takes time and doesn’t always end with a deal? Automate it.
Different channels - one interface
Direct sales, through agencies or through programmatic - all can be analyzed in one system. In your system.

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Easy way to connect programmatic sales

feature extra income

Programmatic allows you to sell/buy digital ads through real-time auctions or directly in conjunction with the appropriate buying platforms.

Full control over all aspects of sales through SSP
We have no position in the outdoor advertising market, so by using our products: You decide who can place through programmatic and who cannot. You decide at what price your inventory will be sold.
Maximize margin
Sold everything? Customers want to place ads, but there are no free slots? It means you were selling too cheap. With programmatic auctions, you don’t have to worry about that. Leave the last slot for auctions and let the market determine the price itself.
New small-business clients
What’s better - a thousand clients with a hundred dollars or one with a hundred thousand? Now you don’t have to refuse even the smallest advertisers. Programmatic will allow your clients to place ads in self-service mode, just like they are already placing on the internet.

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