CITY SCREEN possibilities for effective advertising campaigns.

Save time

CityScreen requires no special user training. The user-friendly interface is simple and intuitive.

Stable and independent

СSPlayer is resistant to system malfunctions, is self-updated wirelessly and remotely upon user command, and it works offline too.

Statistics reports

The information about displayed ads is being collected in real-time, giving you the tool to evaluate the efficiency of advertising.

Save money

CityScreen is so handy that you only need one person to manage all the work: upload, schedule and distribute the content.


Directly upload content from any internet-connected device to the display, even if you’ve just recorded it.

Visual control

Connect video cameras to displays and view the live video feed in your browser window.

Save effort

With wireless content distribution you won't have to physically connect to a display to upload the media content.

Unlimited number of displays

Control and manage the network of all of your displays from one browser interface.

Content scheduling

The content is adjustable to specific date, time and location settings. The sequence of media files may be manually determined.

Rapid data flow

The content is distributed to displays in a matter of seconds. Meaning you can broadcast the content in real time!

On air 24/7

Automatically fill all the blank spaces in the schedule with self-advertisement. This is also how you track how much air time is available to be sold.

Perfect fit

Upload one or several files with different resolutions into one media unit, each file fitting a corresponding display to avoid black stripes.