Professional software to build a successful digital signage network

Schedule the media content according to day, time and location preferences. With CityScreen you plan advertising campaigns, control their performance and update them on-air from any web browser anywhere in the world.


Hardware friendly

Choose major controller hardware models on the market.

Programmatic advertising

Use Programmatic media buying for targeted advertising.

Frames and tickers

Divide screen into frames, get more air time and gain more profit.

Flexible scheduling

Easily create automatically updated schedules with any content for any screen.

Deployment models

Cloud SAAS or on-premise server installation.

Display technologies

Connect both LCD and LED displays in one software system.

Centralized digital network

Manage large digital display network in one user account.

Playback reports

Receive playback statistics reports for any screen in real time.


Use GPS and GLONASS tracking on mobile displays (vehicles, taxitops).

Major file types

Supported file formats: JPEG, PNG, MOV, MPEG, MP3, HTML5…

Precise targeting

Use day, time and location targeting for precise advertising.

  • Digital taxitops
  • Outdoor displays
  • Indoor displays
  • Digital posters


Capture new clients with well-directed advertising on taxi screens. Remotely manage and control the playback on outdoor LED screens. Display targeted media content on indoor screens for effective ad response. Organize and automate your advertising campaigns on LCD screens.

CityScreen features

Content management in digital screens business.

Impressions statistic reports in real time.

Screen current health state monitoring.

Automatic instant content updates on screens.

Program products


Receives the media content and displays it on static or mobile screens.


Cloud service for digital screens management and content distribution.

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