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Sell more and work less
Fully programmatic-ready solution
Hyper-Local Audience Measurements
Sell more and work less by managing campaigns and ads rather than playlists and slots
Managing a network of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of screens can not only be time-consuming but also lead to errors when relying on manual playlist creation.

To solve this, we offer a campaign-based approach: you set up content as an advertising campaign and the system will create playlists based on heuristic algorithms that take into account the campaign settings and the set of screens the campaign should be targeted to.

Most complex campaigns can be launched in a minute!
Cultivate Transparent and Trustworthy Relationships with Clients
Build trust through open visibility into your advertising execution:

- Seamlessly share campaign performance metrics with clients and verification partners.
- Provide real-time view of actual impression delivery through online statistics page.
- Captures automatic photographic evidence of ad placements across your network.

Foster stronger collaborative relationships built on accountability with your valued clients and increase the revenue.
Hyper-Local Audience Measurements
Take ownership of your audience intelligence and use it for your clients' benefit:

- Self-collect opportunity-to-see data using Wi-Fi and computer vision systems.
- Seamlessly integrate measurements with ad delivery logs for campaign analysis.
- Data captured by your equipment belongs to you, not third-party platforms.

Gain localized first-party insights to optimize ad performance for your clients.
Supercharge Your Ad Sales with Programmatic
Unlock new revenue streams through programmatic advertising sales:

- Fully programmatic-ready modern CMS.
- Supports both remnant sales and pre-reserving airtime for programmatic demand.
- Any pre-reserved programmatic airtime can still be offered to traditional clients not requiring guaranteed impressions.

Tap into the power of programmatic while maintaining flexibility to maximize yield across your entire client base.
Universal Player Compatibility
Seamlessly integrate a diverse range of devices into your digital signage network:

- Support for Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Samsung, and LG operating systems and hardware.
- Mix and match different player types within the same large-scale screen network deployment.

Build a unified screen management platform without being locked into a single technology ecosystem.
Robust Security and Reliability
Safeguard your digital signage operations with:

- User action auditing for accountability.
- Content encryption and checksum verification.
- Player health monitoring and integration with external system analytics platforms like Zabbix.
- On-premises deployment option for installation on your own servers.

Ensure your screens keep playing with enterprise-grade security and resilience measures in place.



Cloud version
Box version
Get absolute independence from the third parties.

Relatively high initial investment may pay off already within a few years. Save on purchasing new versions of CS.
Save on the deploying expensive proprietary server infrastructure, equipment maintenance and operating staff.

No significant investments on the start.

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